Being A Slut

Many times being called or viewed as a slut is a derogatory term meant to embarrass and degrade.However,there is nothing wrong with being a slut.In BDSM terms,it is quite common and submissives are trained to be sluts.What do I mean by being trained to be slut?It is were a submissive is trained to behave in a promiscuous way such as with sexual poses and acts.Some of these acts are spreading the vagina lips open or the buttocks to expose the anus.The goal of such training is to have the submissive react with slut behave as the situation arises.Some will use the public display by testing the submissive to act in ways that society deems as inappropriate.Women are encouraged to dress with a lot of skin exposed and curves being shown.Some of the acts are very closely associated with acts of humiliation which can cause the submissive to have some emotional reactions of being uncomfortable.It is not uncommon for the submissive to be verbally humiliated despite training for dressing and behaving as a slut.

In other terms.having sex with multiple partners can be done in a safe manner which will allow all partners to be healthy and happy.Safe sex is a must at all times regardless.Do not allow ourselves to be slut shamed which brings me to my next topic here .What is slut shaming?

Slut shaming is the act of embarrassing or belittling someone for having certain sexual activities done ,having multiple partners or even due to the way they dress,speak or act.Most of the time women in society due this to other women in order to shame them.I recently had this done to me on my facebook blog for a dispute in which I stood my ground and crushed my enemy.It can be done for one’s occult path if one works with sex magick a lot .It happens,one must work for pride in themselves.I look at in BDSM terms,I train myself or with another for the purpose of working through these emotions and being able to handle the degrading in a safe fashion versus allowing it to break my self esteem.

One of the other public events that is held to help women with this is the Slut Walks.This is a public event where women wear “slutty “clothing and walk publicly through the city to promote good self esteem and awareness.How do you handle sluts and slut shaming?


Hair And Beauty Spells

Hair Magick

I use hair magick a few ways.I have fair long hair and gather it for spells.I use it fresh from my brush.You can comb out your own hair from your brush to use alot like Victorian Mourning Jewelry but as spell work.Taking it from your brush and combing it out.Once straight and untangled you can do as you wish.I do a hair binding where i will bind people,places,events or things with my hair.Enemies can be bound with your hair by binding the hair aound a name/picture and seal with wax.Beauty spells can be done for long healthy beautiful hair,It can be wrapped around candles,packets and mojo bags.Braided hairstyle can have magick woven into it such as protection or keep something as yours.Add to oils and chop up into powders.To grow it out,cut it at the waning moon.Allow to grow on the waxing moon.Meditations can be done with you visualizing your hair as you desire it.You can also weave it into a smal ring for your finger as a symbol of power and protection.Natives believe that your hair was very connected to psychic abilities.If their hair was cut ,they lost their power.I do agree with that.A study showed that natives who had their shaved or cut short lost their tracking abilities.

Beauty Spells
Dark beauty-a carved black candle with belladonna,rose petals and cinnamon.Focus on unfading beauty and youth restored.
Red Reverse Candle-take a red candle cut the bottom so you have a wick and its able to be lit.However do not light it.On a piece of paper write your name and your age.Light the top of the candle and state:As this candle is upright,this is the now.Say your name and age-burn the paper.This is no more.Flip the candle upside down and put the flame out.Light the bottom of the candle.State:As this candle is reversed so is my beauty and youth restored.State your name and a younger age.Add a few rose petals to the base of the reversed candle.Allow the candle to burn out.
Beautiful hair-take hair from your brush.Wrap around the base of a white taper.Carve the candle with your name.Light it and state:My hair grows down my back to my butt crack.Allow to burn out.
Note:add lavendar,rose,patchouli incense.Carve all candles with your name dress with your favorite perfume or rose oil.Add roses,catnip and lavendar to any of these spells.

Anyone can work hair and beauty magick.One of the oldest forms of magick seen as not useful in the left hand path.However,why not?We are for the self and apotheosis.I enjoy these magick rites quite abit.

Languages of The Deamonic Self

I have always had the belief that deamonic self is the True Will Manifesting,the Holy Guardian Angel or Deamon aspect.I have written on the deamonic self in a few articles.For me,she is a form of a succubus,fully female,fully sexually hungry and vengeful.The more I work with her,the more she is.At some point,there will be a language made clear to you for your deamonic self .It is a shadow language.This shadow deamon language can also apply to other deamons one chooses to work with just as personal sigils for your working relationship with the deamonic.

This shadow language will also appear when one reaches the outter most part of the Abyss.A place of few beings ,untouched.You will find here a place where a shadow language will emerge and where the sacred whore male or femalewill only understand.Language will become foreign to you here as your whore sexuality self begins to speak with you and others there.Of course this can be taken as a imagery for the personal shadow work done where one is speaking with only the self.I work with the sacred whore a lot in my practice .I am beginning to see where those who work sex magick on an often and high level will begin to only be able to relate to itself.Also,for those whose deamonic self,higher form is a succubus then I can see the shadow language merge as they begin to talk to each other ,fall in love with each other and then merge into aspect of the self.This is where one is able to begin to work on the Godform of the self and emerge from the Abyss as a god vs the magician/witch who first entered.Have you experienced this before?Do you think it is possible?


Invocation Of Lillith

This is done between at least two women however can be done with multiple partners as well as solo.This is an adaptation of Micheal Ford’s work which I have studied for some time finding great knowledge there.

Begin with setting up your altar with red and black candles as well as a chalice filled with red wine.Light the incense.I prefer a rose or some thing sweet.Lay your whip upon the altar and light the candles.Both women should be nude.Images of Lillith and succubus,female deamons can be present in the room or on the altar as well.

One picks up the whip while the other begins an invocation to Lillith.As she is chanting and reciting the invocations of Lillith,she is whipped upon the buttocks.When she is done,the other takes her place being whipped and reciting the invocation to Lillith.

After the whipping invocation of both,the women should begin to have sex while visualizing images of succubus.Upon climax,the succubus is brought forward from the void and the subconscious into the flesh.Both women should spit the sexual fluids of the other into the wine and then share the wine.Drink until it is gone.

This will bind the succubus,the inner deamon to the flesh of each.The succubus current and deamonic feminine will be bound to the women and brought to flesh upon the earth.Consider this to be the embodiment of Lillith in the living to walk the Earth again with the wisdom and cunning of carnal knowledge.


Creating A Succubus Servitor

This is a great way to become familiar with succubus energies and also be able to experience the sensuality of the succubus.First step is to find a vessel to bind the servitor too.This can be something from a stone,crystal,a ring,a bottle of some kind preferably glass or a necklace.Even a ritual tool could be a servitor vessel.Even a talismans and amulets can be vessels for servitors.Metals are a recommended vessels as they are conducive.I personally would recommend a vessel of copper to be used as a succbus servitor vessel.I have copper chunks ,however a copper piece of jewelry of some kind are good vessels.Custom talismans can add extra oomph to the servitor.I also like pictures or art work where one can house the servitor in its own image in a picture where it can be seen and fed with energy as well as easily be called on.There are a lot of succubus or female deamonic art available to be able to focus on and create.I prefer two forms of succubus-one with clawed feet as well as hooven .I also like a long griffin tail and long wavy red hair as well as a curvy body.

After you have the vessel,decide on the traits,powers and purposes of the servitor.Write it all down.Decide on the image your servitor will be taking.Is it an animal,a deamon,A witch or some thing else?It is not good to make a servitor with out a solid form to be held and worked with.For a succubus,some things maybe to be a spiritual sexual lover,a servitor to influence and enter the minds of others,to be able to seduce and manipulate others through a sexual energy/methods/fantasy.

Bringing a servitor to life is the most difficult part.I include some form of a kill switch in the creation in case one ever needs to shut it down quickly.This can be a chant,a spell or a symbol.

Fill the image with intent as well as charge the sigil to bring the servitor to life.I would recommend some form of sex magick here .Some suggestions are flogging,orgasm denial and masturbation with sigil being anointed with the sexual fluids .

Also, be sure to bind the servitor to the vessel and image as well include some form of how it will be summoned,fed and the limits of the servitor’s powers,abilities.

This should bring your sexy succubus to life.Her energy will become stronger as you work with her.She will gain a stronger presence with time ,work and effort.If you want ,you could include Lillith or any other succubus seductress deities as well.

Enjoy her now and remember these servitors can advance into becoming self sufficient spirits meaning becoming a true succubus.If she does reach this stage ,remember their true nature is to be cruel and vengeful as well as sexual with their victims and /or masters.I do have an incubus servitor which is quite true to the incubus nature however that was my intention for him to become more then a servitor but a true incubus familiar.I would love to hear about those who have worked with the succubus or servitors of this nature as well.


Why I Became A Succubus

Occult Kitten

Last few blogs,I have been more open on my personal path and experiences.I want to go a bit further here with my personal experience.I want to tell some thing that happened to me that deeply affected me.I am doing so in hopes that I will help someone.

I started out as a white witch wicca to a degree however also studying Hawaiian deites and paths.I knew nothing of succbus or sex magick -nothing not a clue .I met a man named Ken who was married and having an affair with my friend.We barely knew each other.One afternoon after work,I saw him project into my apartment in jeans and an animal skin with out a shirt on.He was on all fours.Before I knew what happened ,I was on the floor and he was right there attempting to have sex with me.I refused and jumped up .He disappeared.A few days later,I ended up being alone with him .I was scared…

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Succubus Altar

Occult Kitten

An altar is a huge part of any practice.I see altars of many kinds ,never much on creating a succubus altar .In my case I am creating a shrine.I have an extra room in which I do not sleep.It is a room where I keep my occult library,altar,clothing and other personal items.I have taken the idea of the succubus altar to be shrine.Since,this is a mix of the occult,apothecary ,altar and a dressing room,My succubus energy should infuse all things within.When I dress in there and put my makeup on in there,I am doing so in the succbus shrine-sacred space.

The room should be dressed in reds,purples and black.I have the altar done in black.On the altar,I keep my kama sutra and a few other sexual books.I plan on keeping my erotic tarot deck there.I have three mirrors in there.Two are twin mirrors and the other a gold Victorian style mirror.I have…

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